The 5 Seasons of Connection

You want it to be different, but nothing has worked so far. UNTIL NOW!

End the yelling, fighting and frustration with your children and

harness the power of the 5 Seasons to lead your family

from chaos to connection.

What Season Are You In?How Can the 5 Seasons Help You?

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How connected is your family right now? 


Are you watching the clock, excited for your kids to come home?


Are you deflecting harsh words and sharp responses from your kids?

Are you snapping, barking, shouting, or losing your temper more than you’d like?

Are you walking on eggshells because you just don’t know how things will unfold?

Are you doing your kids’ chores because it’s just easier to do them than fight over them?

That cold, dark, empty feeling is Winter, and you are in it deep!

As a former teacher, a mom of three, and a parent coach, I have worked with hundreds of families for nearly 20 years and nothing is more important to parents than having a close and connected relationship with their children. However, hoping isn’t having and many families struggle with frustration, conflict and stress, and they often get stuck in the storms. Let’s be honest, raising children means you are navigating the most complex relationships in your life, and our kids will push, poke, test and trigger parts of us that we may not even know lived inside us.  Winter is where we feel stuck, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

 Winter is just one of the five seasons we explore in The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Child, along with Spring, Summer, Fall and of course, the power season of the Crossroads.

We all know the parenting journey can be full of conflict or full of connection, sometimes all in one day!  Once you know your seasons, though, you can navigate through them all and lead your family towards Summer, the ultimate destination every single time.

Work with Me

The 5 Seasons Course - Online

When your relationships with your children feel more stormy than serene, or more confrontational than connected, it's time to discover, master, and integrate the 5 Seasons framework into your life. This course contains 12 powerful modules to prepare you for any season, and provide you with the tools to move your family towards Summer.

The 5 Seasons Workshop - Local

In this course, we take the 5 Seasons framework and break it down in person, in real time. We explore each season and use real-world examples to discover what season we are in, and the best strategies for moving towards Summer with our kids.


Private Coaching

Perhaps you want to harness the power of the 5 Seasons of Connection for your family in a private session where we create specific, actionable, and transformational strategies to bring change. I offer a limited number of consultation and coaching sessions per month to design YOUR family's own powerful 5 Season Strategy.

What People Are Saying About The 5 Seasons

In The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Child, Leanne Kabat offers a compassionate, accessible framework for building the kind of deep and meaningful relationship every parent wants to have with their children, but may not know how to create. Leanne knows that it’s how we interact in the small moments, day by day, minute by minute, that truly shape our connection.

Deborah Reber

Author of 'Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World' and founder of TiLT Parenting,

This book! What a lovely, insightful and truly helpful look at parenting. Leanne’s seasonal framework makes all the complexities of family life easier to handle and brings you back to what’s really important for your entire family: connection and joy in the Winter and the Summer.

Amy Lang, MA

Nationally known parent educator and founder of Birds & Bees & Kids,

Leanne’s ability to share stories and create teachable moments is magic. Her wisdom is only outshined by her heart. If you are a parent who has ever worried you’re doing it all wrong (or if you’re like most of us and feel this #everydamnday), this book is for you. Leanne’s writing is as beautiful as her lessons are profound. You will walk away from this book with clarity around your family’s core values, a new sense of power in parenting, and a deeper understanding of how beautiful imperfection in parenting can be.

Sara Dean

Host of The Shameless Mom Academy Podcast ,

I love when I find a kindred spirit, on a similar quest to find more connection and meaning through the journey of motherhood, who realizes that our children have as much if not more to teach us, than we have to learn from them. I’ve found one in Leanne Kabat, whose book, The 5 Seasons, offers personal reflections and powerful frameworks that shine a light on our parenting path, inviting us to clarify our values, acknowledge the different phases we move through, and bring more mindfulness to how we interact with our children. With honesty, heart and humility, Leanne offers us wisdom and insight from her own experience, so we don’t have to move through the seasons of motherhood alone. This is one of those books where you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement and excitedly sharing ideas and concepts with your friends.

Julie Neale

Founder, Coach and Community Builder at Mother's Quest ,

I grew up with very strict ideas about child-raising and so when I had children, I thought I just had to follow my parent’s plan. It didn’t work. Thankfully, I found Leanne and she coached me through her system, and now we are asked all the time by family and friends what our secret is to a happy family and I tell them it’s in the 5 Seasons!

Irena S.

Mom of two

I was the mom who growled, snapped and strong-armed my kids all the time, leaving me feeling like a dictator or just a horrible person. I couldn’t believe that a system so simple could COMPLETELY change my family, but it did. Leanne’s philosophy and coaching helped me heal my childhood wounds, allowing me to become the best mom I could ever imagine! Total life-changer!

Janey C.

Mom of four


What are the 5 Seasons?

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