Private Coaching

5 Seasons Parent Strategy Session

In this three hour power session, we will explore each season in your family, map out the Spring Cleaning strategies that will create the biggest impact, and explore how the Elements of Awareness have pushed your family towards Winter without you even knowing! This session is for adults only.  $349.

Do sessions help?

Reading the book or taking the course is amazing, absolutely.  However, sometimes we want someone on the journey with us, serving as our a guide and mentor. Investing in a dedicated session to uncover your family’s Winter patterns, Spring Cleaning needs, Fall chills and your family’s personalized sweet Summer will make all the difference between loving the idea and loving the results.  

Strategy Session Features

Made For You

Your Strategy Session is designed to meet the specific needs of your family – learning your Winter patterns, your Spring Cleaning needs, and your Summer bliss list. 

Made for Your Kids

The work that we do is ultra-child friendly because being our best as a parent is the greatest gift we can give them!

Made to be Easy

The seasonal framework takes the chaos and conflict away, creating opportunities for love, fun, and deeper connection


Made for Success

All of the activities, exercises and coaching work together to  help you create a strategy to guide your through every season with your family. 

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