The 5 Seasons of Connection Course and Coaching Service – With In-Person Time

Lead your Family from Chaos to Connection


In this session, we will learn how to reframe our frustrations and clean up our chaos so we can connect with our children in a way we have only dreamed about!

 This session runs from January 14- April 1 online, with in-person group coaching on the fourth Tuesday of every month in Redmond. Address will be provided upon registration. 

Bring your questions, challenges, hot topics and hypotheticals – we are bundling up to get through our Winter seasons to find our beautiful Summer!

Why is in-person so powerful?

When we are with like-minded people, our minds are more open to listening, learning, and customizing the solution to fit our needs. Every single time someone shares a story, struggle or a solution, someone else benefits. It’s a win-win!

Service Features

The 5 Seasons

You may know what they are called, but do you really understand how they impact your life? Your family?

In this session, we get deep into the 5 Seasons and explore what each season means in our families.

How Do We Connect and Stay Connected?

We can hope and dream all we want, but that won’t bring us closer to having our dream family.

In this session, we learn how to implement the systems and structures in our family life to take us where we want to go – to our blissful, happy, relaxed, Summer state with our kids.

Who We Are

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you stand for? What sends your temperature rising?

In this session, we discover our deeply-ingrained personal core values that drive our perspectives, understandings, and decisions, whether we realize it or not!

Who Our Kids Are

They may look like a mini-me but they are their own thinking, feeling, acting person who wants to find their way in their world. This is awesome until it creates challenges for you, or conflict in your family. How do you honor your child and keep your sanity?

This session introduces you to parts of your child you may never have met before. Come on in, you’ll love it!

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