Depending on where we live in the world, we may experience all four seasons in a year, or maybe we just experience two, but we all know what they are: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

In The 5 Seasons of Connection, you will find a fifth season, which is where your power lies.

Let’s explore how we can use the different seasons to navigate towards deeper connections with our children.

Winter is the absence of connection.

Here, we feel angry, hurt, disappointed, or unavailable. This season breaks our hearts and hurts our family the most—we want to spend the least amount of time here. However, we don’t want to eliminate Winter completely because it serves a purpose. Winter closes one way of being and makes way for a new way of being in our relationships.

Spring is the bridge-building stage.

Here we find common ground and invite our kids to reconnect. We listen more and speak less as we find our way back to each other by nurturing kindness and bringing more respect to our interactions.

Summer is all about loving, connected, open, and respectful interactions.

This is the season we want to spend the most time in while laughing, sharing, and building lasting memories. Our world is bright, our relationships are strong, and the times are memorable. Summer isn’t about staying in a fake state of perfection. It means you are your best self while honoring and encouraging your children to be their best selves.

Fall is when a chill emerges in the air.

It may be a harsh word, a snarky response, a sharp order, or a rigid, unexplained rule but something happens to create a coldness in the our relationship. Here, we start to pull away from each other, leaving a chill in the air and an undesirable distance growing between us.

This is where we connect or disconnect.

The fifth season isn’t found in the seasonal calendar, but lives in the 5 Seasons of Connection model. It’s called the Crossroads.
The Oxford dictionary defines crossroad as: An intersection of two or more roads. A point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far-reaching consequences.

We make a crucial decision at every Crossroad.

Do we react with anger or frustration?
Do we go into Winter or lead with love and grace back to Summer?

Our decisions can create an impact that can be short-lived, or they might linger for days, weeks, or even years.

Children provide us with endless opportunities to experience all of these seasons, sometimes all at once!

It is our privilege and responsibility to know our seasons, and how to use them to bring our family back to Summer.

Leave me a note letting me know what season you spend the most time in with your kids!

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